21 December 2012

Christmas Dots & Bows

Good evening, my lovelies! I hope you aren't getting tired of Christmasy designs yet, because I have two more after this one!

Sparkly red and green, polka dots and bows. Feminine and seasonal!

The base is two coats of Zoya Nidhi, and I was surprised at this polish. It has a squishy jelly-ish look to it--you'd think it'd be sheer and take loads of coats to be opaque, but it looked okay in one! I did two just to make sure I didn't have thin or bald spots. Cranberry-ish holiday red with shimmer that seems to change colour--depending on the light I've seen the glassflecks look silvery, gold, red, even blueish-green! Great shade.

The dots are Zoya Ivanka, my favourite shimmery/sparkly green. I freehanded the bows on--first the basic outline shape with Revlon #925 Gold Coin, then dabbed in the white definition with my white Stripe Rite polish.

Darker, but you can see the bow better here :)

I love this photo... and I will never get tired of staring at Ivanka, srsly *_*

Not the clearest pic, but, posing with the extent of my Christmas decorating--a little bow on the door-knocker. Haha.

That's all for now! Provided the world doesn't actually end tomorrow, I'll have a couple more holiday designs up soon before we head into the new year. Have a great Friday! xoxo

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