25 March 2013

Baby Pink, Glitter, and Flowers: Easter Nail Design #1

Good evening, darlings :D Next Sunday is Easter! I'll be at the beach then (and am SUPER excited about the manicure I have planned for that trip), so I'll fit in all my pastel Eastery designs this week. Here is the first one...

Awww, so sweet.

I started with Revlon #911 Pink Chiffon. When I first got this polish, I remember being dismayed at how sheer it was and how it took SO many coats to be opaque. I'd sort of written it off, but when I gave it another try, it only took three thin coats to look like this. I think perhaps it's thickened up a bit since when I first used it? Anyway, I'm quite happy with it now! It's very soft and baby-pink.

While the third coat was still wet, I sprinkled on some iridescent pink craft glitter. I was kind of going for a gradient glitter tip, but it ended up going over most of the nail so I just went with it. There is SO much of this glitter, it will last a lifetime:

Anyway, I decided it needed just a bit more, so I accented the index and middle fingers with some nail stickers I got at Nail Polish Canada! The brand is Cala and this set can be found here.

Tried a new topcoat! This is Sally Hansen Insta-Dri #110 Clearly Quick. It's not quite as fast-drying as my others, but it's reasonably fast and has that nice thick "juicy" shine. I'm a fan!

Indoors, indirect lighting. As anyone who's ever tried to photograph this kind of glitter knows, it's hard to show off just how sparkly it is in pics. This was a pretty good capture :)
Indoors with flash. It looks blurry at this scale; you should click to enlarge if you want to see the detail of those cute stickers!

Soft and Eastery enough? xoxo

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