22 March 2013

Delicate Stripes + Pearls

Good day my lovelies :) After all the blingy crazy St. Paddy's nails, I decided to go soft with some simple, delicate, feminine nails. And I've been wanting to use these half-pearls for ages... Although I discovered they're a bit too large to do what I originally wanted to--must acquire some smaller ones!--I did find a way to use them and it still look nice:

Baby blue, stripes, and pearls :D

I just realised this would be perfect for a baby shower if the baby were a boy. Haha.

Base colour is Essie Bikini So Teeny. It has a lovely subtle matching shimmer to it, but it didn't really show up in these photos. It's a really pretty periwinkle, though, as you can see. I just think "delicate" any time I see it :)

I then added the white stripes with my Stripe Rite striper polish. You may notice they sort of get thinner in the middle, and then fatter at the tips. Want to know why? Because instead of having a C curve that goes "under" like most people, my nails tend to grow upwards. Isn't that weird? The nail bed is straight, then it hits the free edge and starts angling upwards. So no matter what I do, there's sort of a "crease" there that makes it hard to do nice vertical lines.

Anyway, the last step was to add the wee half-pearls. I did two on the thumbs as well. They are sticky-backed pearls by a brand called Queen&Company; I found them at a craft store.

Sealed it in with some Seche Vite and was good to go. I took the next two photos with the new case I got for my Samsung Galaxy tablet--an old friend has an Etsy shop and does custom covers, and she made mine with some space-patterned fabric, perfect for a Galaxy! :D

I love this star-shaped button she used for the closure! It's a bit finicky to use sometimes but totally worth it.

Hope you enjoyed today's post! I'm curious, do any of you have the weird funky "inverted C curve" thing going on like I do? I need to do some research and find out if this is a thing. Haha. See you next time! xoxo

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