23 April 2013

Clash of the Finishes: Holo Pink + Matte Black nails

Hallo! Eep, been nearly a week since I posted! I actually kept my birthday design on for five whole days. Whaaaat? Who does that?

But they were so fun :D

I did promise a cool new challenge, and I've already done a couple of manis for it! But before jumping into that, I want to show you a few others I had been saving. This is one I wore a few weeks ago. I love contrasting-finish manicures that use different types of polishes, and I always love wearing holographic colours! So, this happened:

So rainbowy and fantastic!

Simple yet mesmerising, eh? The pink base is the fabulous Color Club Miss Bliss. Two effortless coats, amazing linear holo effect even after adding topcoat. Perfection in a bottle.

I swiped on the diagonal-French tips with Piggy Polish Right BLACK At Ya. It dries quickly and to that cool matte finish on its own. Originally, I hadn't been thinking about it and was going to topcoat this, but then I thought NO THIS LOOKS FLIPPIN' SWEET.

Another, beacuse I couldn't decide between this pic and the first one. Can you? *_*

Both of the above pics were taken indoors with flash, because unfortunately, the sun didn't come out when I had it on. But you know, these Halo Hues are so amazing you can see the linear holo even in low, indirect lighting! Check this out:

aww yeah it's a friggin KOOSH BALL, why yes I am awesome thank you very much

See that? No flash, just indoors with some weird fluorescent lighting (hence the odd skin tone). And still, the rainbow effect is so brilliant they seem to glow of their own accord. I just love these polishes. Also that Koosh ball. (Seriously, that above pic makes me so happy. Haha.)

So yeah! I might have another post or two before I start the challenge, because I was given some beautiful polishes for my birthday and I need to show them off! See you next time xoxo

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