28 April 2013

Alphabet Challenge: A is for...

A is for... alphabet? Well, that's kind of anticlimactically meta. Oh well.

Hello, boys and girls! Today, as promised, the start of a new challenge. I have decided to take one on that I've seen a few other bloggers do--the Alphabet Challenge! Basically, you do a manicure involving each letter of the alphabet in order. Some people use polishes whose names start with that letter, some do nail art somehow involving the letter, some are simply inspired by the letter and go more abstract with it. I'll be doing all of these, I'm sure! But my main goal is to use polishes that start with each letter, in hopes of using some shades I maybe don't pull off the shelf as often.

With that in mind, here is my A manicure and the kickoff of my first Alphabet Challenge:


The bright orange polish is OPI A Roll in the Hague. Great pumpkiny orange, not quite as NEON as it appears in these pics, but kind of close. It's really nice.

The index and small nails have two coats of Nicole by OPI A Million Sparkles! It's a fun glitter with lots of tiny blue microglitters, small blue bars, small gold/silver hexes (it's hard to tell which... its either warm silver or cool gold...), and medium pink bars. It's pretty dense and in retrospect I should have just done two or three coats of it alone instead of putting the orange down first. However, the base colour peeking out didn't really show up as much in person and it looked pretty nice.

I then decided to tie the "accent nails" in with those little rings--I bought the pack of assorted-coloured rings at a craft store a long time ago and have never used them until now. They're, I suppose, meant for jewelry-making or perhaps tiny chainmail--LOL. The thumb is done the same way as the two middle nails here, but I didn't get a good photo of it for some reason. :o

Shining in the sun :)

Close-up so you can see 1) how closely it matches this cool pair of pants I have, and 2) a good macro-ish shot of the glitter. Click to enlarge to see it more clearly--you can identify all the four types of glitter in this pic.

So, thus begins my Alphabet Challenge! I'll be interrupting it a couple of times to show off my birthday polishes, but so far getting good manicures and photography conditions just isn't working out :( One is a fun magnetic set which I'm playing around with but haven't mastered well enough to do them justice, and the other is a beautiful collecton of holos--but it's been grey and cloudy every time I've had the chance and I want to swatch them when the sun is out! Keep an eye out for those, though, as well as the next 25 alphabet-inspired designs! xoxo

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