05 May 2013

Alphabet Challenge: B is for... Brilliant Bumblebees

Hello dearies! I have been travelling again for work, sorry for the delay! Back in action with the letter B, and a manicure idea I have seen many times and always wanted to do!

Big B, little b, what begins with B? Brilliant buzzing bumblebees, b, b, b.

Bonus points if you get the reference in the caption ;)

Isn't this a fun little spring design? The background colour is three thin coats of Nubar Brilliant, one of eight polishes in their Prism holo collection. Isn't it gorgeous? Sheer shimmery bubblegum pink with scattered holo. I will be swatching the whole collection soon--it was one of my birthday gifts (thank you Frank!)--as soon as I get a sunny day and some time to do it.

The other polishes I used are Sinful Colors Neon Melon (the neon yellow for the bumblebee), Revlon #571 Posh (the green for the flower stem), Soulstice Spa Buenos Aires (red) and China Glaze Adventure Red-y (dark red) for the flower, and Stripe Rite black and white for the other details. :) I chose polishes that started with B if possible!

And now a couple of photos of Brilliant by itself, because I got these flowers (another lovely birthday present, thank you Tom!) that matched it... well, brilliantly :D

this photo is now in my favourites I've ever taken. Click to enlarge :D I would definitely class Brilliant as a scattered holo, but there's a bit of linear action going on there too!

Close-up so you can see the sheer quality. This is three coats, still some visible nail line but I didn't mind since this is such a soft and pretty polish.

Hope you liked my B nails! Bet you can guess what's coming next time... :) xoxo

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