23 May 2013

Alphabet Challenge: E is for... Eternally European

Bonjour chéris! Back with the next installment of the Alphabet Challenge! Today's look is very simple, and yet sophisticated and eye-catching (IMHO). A new polish + another Color Club Halo Hue = gorgeous!

You'll want to click to enlarge the pics in today's post to get the full holo goodness!

This look is really easy to create. I started with two coats of OPI... Eurso Euro from the Euro Centrale collection. This is a really stunning deep navy polish--I thought it would be a dupe for China Glaze First Mate, OPI Dating A Royal, or butter LONDON Royal Navy, but it's a little deeper and purpleish than the first, a tiny bit darker than the second, and a smidge lighter than the third. Not an exact dupe of anything I have seen! The aubergine-purple undertones really set it apart from other dark blue polishes. Here it is alone...

So deep and rich and lovely. *le swoon*

Formula of it is fantastic, and I just ADORE the colour. I have a feeling I will be using it quite a lot.

Anyway, on to the second bit of the mani! I used the polish brush to freehand a stripe of Color Club Eternal Beauty down the centre. It is a bright warm violet holo, and I think it looks really nice with the blue--kind of brings out those purple tones of Eurso Euro. As with all the Halo Hues, the formula and application and strength of the holo was unrivalled amongst these types of polish! I cannot say enough good things about these. I am so happy to have them :D

This post is really pic-heavy, because as you folks know, I cannot control myself around holo polishes! (It was sunny and these are shiny. Don't judge me.) So, click the jump to see the rest of the pics!

One in the shade. You can see the base shade of Eternal Beauty more.

Dancing rainbowssssss... these are so lovely in sunlight they are actually dangerous. Can't stop looking at them when I'm driving...

super close-up of the thumbbbb

Another you'll really want to enlarge to see... I love that intense red on the first two and the bright turquoise on the small finger! These really do shift to every colour on the spectrum.

An angle where you can see the base violet hue a bit more than the rainbows. (Note: there aren't many angles like this.)

One more blurred closeup to show off that rainbow sparkle. And my uneven lines. Maybe should have taped off the portion in the middle... oh well.

OK, I'll stop now, I promise :) In short, if you don't own the Halo Hues, what the hell are you waiting for, go buy them now, you will not regret it! 

Until next time! Au revoir et adieu! xoxo

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