28 May 2013

Alphabet Challenge: F is for... Four Exotic Ozotics!

Hello, my friends!

I couldn't wait for the letter F, because I have four special new polishes I'm really excited about--Ozotic duochromes! A special hello and thank you to the girls at piCture pOlish!

Of course, no way I was going to attempt to pick just one for this, so I did an easy yet really nice stripey pattern over black:

Shifty! Jewel-toned! Lovely :D

I will preface by saying that this mani looked so, so pretty in real life. They just shimmered and sparkled and caught the light and were always a different colour. I have to do a better job next time of capturing their true-to-life look.

They are, in order from cuticle to tip, Ozotic 502, 504, 503, and 505 (see, if you spell out the numbers, their names start with F too)--and I laid down a base of Wet N' Wild Black Creme first. I tried them alone, and they are lovely--sheer, softer, very nice--but the duochromatic-ness really comes out over a dark base :) Just look at these pics... the polishes look different at every angle!!

504 and 505 look very similar at some angles, and completely different at others :D

Odd angle, check. Fingers look like old-lady fingers, check. Awesome colour-shift, check! Can you believe these are the same polishes from the pic above?

Slightly blurry, very glossy... but it shows off well the shift :) ALL THE COLOURS!

I tried taking some underwater pics (got the idea from Amy Grace, who got the idea from Goose... have I ever mentioned I love the nail-blogging community?) and while I couldn't get what I wanted with them totally submerged, I liked this shot with the droplets!

So, yeah. Happy as can be to have these in my stash! As a side-note, the bottles themselves are really nice too. Smooth and thick and the cap is that soft, matte, slightly rubbery stuff that feels nice to the touch. They're posh!

I got some of the piCture pOlish Collaboration shades too that I can't wait to show off. SOON. And I will do better at photographing them ^^;

Until next time, my fabulous flowery fairy-cake-y followers! xoxo

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