27 June 2013

Alphabet Challenge: L is for... Liquid Lace in Lisbon

*stirs martini contemplatively, puffs cigar, adjusts dressing-gown*

Oh, hello there. I didn't see you come in. Good day and welcome to the newest edition of the Alphabet Challenge here on Glittericity. We are almost halfway through! Today's post features the letter L, and here is what our lovely model (Digits MacHanderson) is wearing today:

Two blue designs in a row, srsly Amanda get it together

This manicure feels so elegant, which really inspired the tone of the post today. Well, that and my weird sense of humour. But anyway.

The base colour for this manicure is Soulstice Spa Lisbon, a very dark midnight blue shade with a cool-toned, medium-blue shimmer. One fairly thick coat would be enough for full coverage--the shimmers are slightly more translucent than their perfect cremes--but I applied two thin ones. This polish is grand. It's absolutely mesmerising in the bottle, although I had trouble capturing it on film--however; the following photo of it on my nails with the flash shows it off quite well:

In this lighting situation the base colour looks more accurate. Outdoors (previous pic) the tips really come to life.

I swiped on the diagonal French tips with China Glaze Liquid Crystal, the only one of the Prismatic collection I broke down and bought. I, like many polish enthusiasts, got all excited when that collection was announced, because we all thought it would be a holographic line. Then we got all let down, enraged, etc when it was released. However, we really had nothing to be disappointed about. They are beautiful mixes of glitter in decently-pigmented, duochromatic bases. I really should have gotten more of them! Liquid Crystal is a sky-blue-to-fuschia duochrome with silver and sky blue microglitters as well as small pink and silver hexes that flash other colours too. It's complex without being too busy, it's blingy, and it's beautiful over a dark base like this.

I wanted a little something more--but not too much--and thought these little nail stickers with white swirly designs would be perfect. They aren't really lacey I suppose, but I thought they looked it once they were on. I applied one to each ring finger and thumb:

It just feels classy. And my tips were flashing and sparkling all over the place :D

Topcoated with Orly Sec N' Dry.

One more pic :D

Well, that's all for now, ladies and lads :) Until next time, adieu! xoxo

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