24 June 2013

Alphabet Challenge: K is for... Kangaroos in Kona

Hello! It's a fabulously gorgeous sunny day here today, so after I post this I'm going out to frolic! But first I want to share my K-inspired nails with you. At the moment it is not very warm and sunny at all where our subject comes from...

it's the obvious choice for K, amirite?

I like how they match the colour scheme of the blog!

As I was preparing for this post, I went through all my polishes and realised I only have one bottle starting with K in my entire collection: Soulstice Spa's Kona. That's the lovely sky-blue-leaning-cyan you see near the cuticle. I just love this brand. All their creme polishes brush on beautifully and cover in just one coat, and Kona was no exception.

I sponged the tips to make a gradient with Cover Girl Vio-last, which is a bit more reddish-toned purple than it shows in these pics. It is super pretty :D At this point the gradient looked like this:

Apologies. I forgot to photograph this step before moving on with my left hand (which I normally photograph), so you get my slightly shorter-and-more-meh right hand nails in this one. But you get the idea.

I decided it needed some sparkle, because duh, this is Glittericity. So I added a coat of my franken I call Rainbowgasm (INM Northern Lights + SpectraFlair powder) over the top. And then we had this:

I almost skipped the next step because this looked so nice on its own!

A blurry shot, to show off that beautiful rainbow sparkle. "Amanda, aren't you tired of holo sparkles by now? You talk about them all the time." "NO I WILL NEVER GIVE THEM UP (NOR LET THEM DOWN), DON'T BE RIDICULOUS." :D

Annnnd then I took my little detail brush and some black acrylic paint and painted a little kangaroo on the middle fingernail. I just looked up some pics of them online, practiced a few times on paper, and went for it! Topcoated with Seche Vite, and done!

After painting him on with the brush I used a toothpick to gently scratch away some of the edges to give a cleaner line. I apparently went a bit overboard with the ear. In person this is small enough not to notice, but two Australians I know (individual of each other!) said it looked like a dragon-kangaroo hybrid in these close-ups. Oh well, that's even cooler! I should have added wings...

Well, there you have it for my K nails! (Damnit, just this minute occurred to me I should have have drawn Potassium's square from the periodic table on the other hand.) Oh well. Thanks for stopping by! See you next time! xoxo

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