13 July 2013

Alphabet Challenge: O is for... Over the Moon, Holos, and Rings, Oh My!

Okay, that is a really silly title. I was reaching...

HELLOOOOOOO ladies and gentlemen! Time for some O inspired nails. I only have a few O polishes, and none of them really went with each other... so I decided to use my favourite of the bunch, and then go a bit literal with the letter prompt. Observe!


That wonderful sky-blue holo is Color Club Over the Moon. (It's made an appearance here before!) I will tell you, folks, Color Club does holos better than anyone ever. These Halo Hues have an amazingly smooth formula, cover in one coat, and unlike any other holographic polish I own, even has rainbows all over the place when it's wet on the brush and as you paint it! Just magnificent. Here it is alone..

Out in the sun. Love love love. Looks like a sparkling pool :D

And again, because it's just SO BEAUTIFUL!

I decided to go for a literal "O" and use some of the ring-shaped studs from this wheel, available at Born Pretty Store. And hey, looks like it's on sale now! BPS has free shipping worldwide, and great products. I added gold rings to just my middle and index fingers, as you can see.

Look at that rainbow in the bottle :D

I really like how the gold metal looks with the blue holo--I am pleased with the combination. The studs are flat and would have stuck out on both sides, so I gently bent them around the barrel of a pen before adhering them to the nail with topcoat. This is an awkward photo (and taken around day 4, so excuse the tipwear), but you can see how it curves with the shape of my nail and lies flat:

They didn't lift or come off until I was ready to take them off. Fabulous!

Sealed in with two coats of INM Out The Door topcoat. Yes, even I am amused at how many topcoats I own.

Annnd one more pic just 'cuz. :D

Hope you enjoyed today's post. Thanks for stopping by--have a great weekend and I'll see you next time! xoxo

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