17 July 2013

Alphabet Challenge: P is for... Purple Private Dancers

Hello, pals! Back with another alphabet-inspired manicure for you!

Pretty! (holy crap she finally did another stamping mani, waaaat?)

This time it's based on the letter P, and I have been waiting for this one, because I got a fancy special polish a couple of months ago and was dying to try it out! It's Private Dancer, by Deborah Lippman. This is my first DL polish--this stuff is expensive! (but it was on sale!)--and I'm quite proud of it.

image from this listing on HSN

Bit of a long post, so hit the jump to see the rest :)

Pretty, sparkly, foily purple. What's not to like? :D

This is three coats of Private Dancer alone, no topcoat. In bright light it is this nice colour you see above, and shifts sometimes to a more blue-toned purple (but still bright). But at different angles and in lower lighting, you get a lighter pink, gold/copper colour, even some green tinge here and there. Very cool! I tried to capture some of these shifts...

You can see the pink-to-gold transformation here. Green was a bit trickier to pick up on cam.

I'm quite happy with this one... although I must say the swatches I saw of it before look a lot different from the way it came out on my nails. It is part of the Mirrored Chrome collection, several duochrome and highly reflective/metallic shades. At first I was a bit disappointed--it looked more sheer, and while it's a very pretty multichrome, it just didn't look like what I expected.

But then I thought "hey, I should try layering this over black and see what happens!" I did so on a nail wheel, and while I couldn't get any good pictures that showed off the difference, I do prefer it that way in person--it's a bit darker and more... solid-looking, if that makes any sense. I think I'll wear it that way next time :D

Anyway, enough rambling! Playing on the name of the polish, I stamped on the dancing girls* from Red Angel plates RA-111 and RA-113 with Revlon #932 Copper Penny, then topped with Seche Vite.

*Note for other nail enthusiasts... Yeah, dancing girls. The ones that were supposed to be fairies with wings. They looked like this before... and Red Angel shipped internationally before. Since then, they have reduced shipping to USA only, and removed the wings, so now they look like... er, "private dancers". Heh. Caitlin from Caitlin's Creative Corner came up with a really creative fix for this, and her wings look even better than the originals!

Annnnnd now for my favourite part of this manicure. Totally unintentional but it turned out very fitting! Check it out...

Now you see them (well, the glare makes it a bit tricky, but yeah)...

...now you don't!

The way the base colour turns gold in low light or at angles means the copper dancers are almost invisible sometimes! They really are private ;)

Okie doke, this post went longer than I expected! But now you got to know all about my super cool posh new polish, as well as the story behind some dodgy-but-still-fun image plates. Have a good Wednesday, and I will see you next time! xoxo

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