30 July 2013

Alphabet Challenge: R is for... Right and Rapid Rhinestones

Good evening! Back to the alphabet challenge, and I wanted something simple yet striking. I've had red-with-black-tips kicking around in my head for a while, and it just so happens that both of my favourite polishes in those colours start with R, so this one pretty much took care of itself!

Indoors with flash. I think this combination is so lush yet edgy!

I actually cut my length down for this one! I thought this would look better on shorter nails.

The base red is a single coat of Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Rapid Red. The polishes in this line are well known for being great for one-coat coverage and quick drying. (And they work for stamping wonderfully too!)

The tips were carefully painted on with Piggy Polish Right BLACK At Ya. And finally, two small black rhinestones on each nail. I got these from dollarnailart.com. (I got some other things from them too--can't wait to show you one of them next time!) Topped with Seche Vite for ├╝ber-shinyness.

And outdoors in sunlight.

The wear time on these was really great. Black tips mean visible tip wear is pretty much unavoidable, but I wore this for a week (this is insane for me!) and all the gems stayed on perfectly :D

Thanks for stopping by! Join me next time for the letter S and me playing with a new-to-me nail product. Can't wait! xoxo

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