25 July 2013

Mint Manis for Talia

Hello. Pardon the break in the Alphabet Challenge, but today I have a very special post. I am a bit late getting this up, but I couldn't not participate in such a special dedication.

On July 16th, the world lost a beautiful girl called Talia Joy Castellano.

Talia was only 13, but had been battling two rare and dangerous forms of cancer for years--neuroblastoma and preleukemia. Despite that, she ran a wonderful YouTube channel dedicated not only to her amazing talent with beauty (makeup, nail art, etc) but to sharing her experiences with cancer, chemotherapy, and the other treatments and how they affected her. She was frank, honest, mature, and thoughtful well beyond her years, and got so much attention that she got to meet one of her idols, Ellen Degeneres, on the show--and was made an honourary Cover Girl. I get all teary every time I watch the video! :')

Talia was a beautiful, sweet, talented, and inspiring girl and has touched millions of hearts the world over as she shared her life with us (and her makeup tips... that girl had more talent for makeup in her pinky than I'll ever have). The last Instagram photo she posted was a photo of her, her mother, and her friend's hands, all wearing matching mint-coloured manicures. So in her honour... #MintManisForTaliaJoy.

Joy is the perfect name for this sweet little soul.

I used one generous coat of Orly Halo (fitting, isn't it?), the bottle shown in the photo. Atop that is one coat of NYC Nail Glossies #241, a shimmery mint/teal colour. It's very sheer and hard to wear alone, but perfect for a "jelly sandwich" look like this. With the fine gold and silver glitters, and the shimmer, the pale blue sparkles.. I think it is a very ethereal and heavenly look.

As for the angel... first I stamped with the wings from Bundle Monster plate BM-310 and Konad white, but the image is too thin and delicate to really show up against the glittery background. So I used it as a guide, and with my white striper, carefully drew in the body, dress, and made the wings fuller. A rhinestone for the head, and the white striper again for the tiny halo. Topcoated with Orly Sec 'N Dry.

Rest in peace, Talia. You may be gone, but you will never be forgotten. xoxo

(please see the other dedications below)

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