08 September 2013

Alphabet Challenge: X is for... Xtreme FX French

Hello again! I'm back with another installment of the Alphabet Challenge. Only two more letters to go! Today we have the letter X, and a manicure that looked a lot better in my head than what I managed to actually do. Oh well, you win some and you lose some!

This gets an X, as in a strike, as in two more and I am out

I suppose its fitting that the X manicure gets an X mark as far as I am concerned, lol. I like the idea, but I did it all wrong. Let me explain...

I started by painting a chevron French tip with Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in White On, then did a coat of OPI You Callin' Me a Lyre? on top--this is a very sheer, soft, French-manicure pink. So far so good! I then took Revlon Top Speed #902 Celestial FX to do the fun glitter on top. This is iridescent small glitter, then silver holographic moons, stars, and diamonds in a clear base. Really pretty! I painted a thin coat first to spread the small glitters, then used an orange stick to place the shapes. They don't come out well with the brush alone.

I wanted to do the X shape over the top along the chevron, to fit with the theme and (I thought) give it a nice edgy look. I used my Stripe Rite black for this, but since the big bumpy glitter pieces made it an uneven surface, and my silly self didn't topcoat to smooth it out first, the X shapes didn't come out straight :( I should have done those at the end! It looked OK from a distance, but I didn't like it at all up close.

Those holo shapes are really pretty in the sun, though!

see, looks better smaller >.>

Oh well, we all have a nail fail now and then. Join me next time as I make up for it with some really nice Y nails. Have a great weekend!! xoxo


  1. Beautiful look! I really love the diamond shaped glitter paired with the design, its really unique and beautiful.

    1. Thank you! I had fun wearing it :) Glad you like it!


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