12 September 2013

Alphabet Challenge: Y is for... Yellow Skittle-y Nails + Dried Flower

Hey, you! Today is the penultimate Alphabet Challenge prompt, and features the letter Y. I knew since about M what I wanted to do for this one... yellow nails featuring these gorgeous dried flowers from Born Pretty Store!

I never get bored of this kind of manicure :D

Taking a bit of inspiration from Marta and her "skittlette" look,  I used as many yellow polishes as I could fit! Here's the rundown...

Thumb: Orly Androgynie, yellow dried flower adhered with topcoat
Index and Small: Zoya Solange
Middle: Sinful Colors Neon Melon, Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Mellow Yellow, and black Stripe Rite polish
Ring: Orly Androgynie, neon yellow studs also from BPS

Let's talk about Androgynie. I've had this polish for ages and I have no idea why I don't wear it more. It's so interesting! It's sort of a gold/yellow-toned black jelly (if that makes any sense) and filled with gold microglitter and medium hex glitters in orange, yellow, lime, teal, and royal blue! It's such a weirdly awesome combination that I am surprised that Orly made it--but very glad they did. It took three thin coats to get the coverage shown above.

Solange is another beauty... yellow/gold Pixie Dust is SO lush. It looks and feels like I have real gold on my fingertips. I can't stop staring at it and definitely want to wear it again soon!

The flower was not as tricky to get on as I thought it would be. I applied a thick layer of a slow-drying clear polish, then used tweezers to place the flower and gently press the edges of the flower as the polish dried to stick it down. Then I used one thick layer of Maya Smoothing Coat For Glitter (tested, confirmed also works on flowers) followed by a coat of Seche Vite. Sealed in and smooth to the touch!

Before topcoat. Wanted to get a photo first in case the topcoat made it go horribly wrong. I am happy to report it did not!

And one more pic, out in the nice yellow sunlight, for good measure :)

Because sunlight makes the neon really pop! You can also see more of Androgynie's and Solange's true natures here.

Little pop of happy bright yellow to pick you up mid-week. Hope you enjoyed this one. See you next time! xoxo

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