25 September 2013

Bling! Silver + Holo Glitter + Rainbow Rhinestones

Hi, friends! Today I have another blingy, sparkly, crazy nail design that does my blog title proud. I'm glad I got it done and photographed last week, because today it's been grey and drizzly. I'm so annoyed... my Lacquer Lust Birthstone Collection polishes just arrived, but I can't swatch them yet! I got three of these beautiful shades--Diamond (my birthstone!), Tanzanite, and Peridot--but I can't do justice to their sparkling, stunning, holographic beauty without the sunshine. I'll get them up here soon!

For now, here's some chunkier shinyness!

Grab your sunglasses :D

Yay! The base for these babies is a combination of two Wet N' Wild Fergie Collection polishes. First, two coats of one of my favourite metallic silver polishes: Going Platinum. It's definitely shiny silver, but has tiny golden microglitter in as well! It makes for a warm-silver/cool-gold, truly platinum look. It's SO shiny.

Then I topped it with the other Fergie polish I have: New Years Kiss. It's made an appearance here before when I did a similar manicure for New Years 2012. Densely-packed silver microglitter with holographic silver bars. Yummy! Just look at it in the bottle below:

You should probably click to fullview this. Drooooool... See all those colours? HOLO MAGIC :D

I love how much depth that glitter topper provides. So shiny and sparkly.

Then I just added slow-drying clear polish to each nail, grabbed an orange stick, and started whacking on random rhinestones from a wheel I got at Cult Nails. (They do not seem to have any in stock at the time of this writing, sorry! It's just random colours and sizes.) Once they were all on and the clearcoat dried, I carefully sealed them in with Seche Vite.

asfdjkl;   SO PRETTY. Look at the middle nail! That stone on the left is a teal-green, like a darker version of the large one on the index finger--but it looks purple here except around the edges! I could stare at this pic all day *_*
one more... shining in the sun and catching light with every slight movement :)

As you can imagine, I had a blast wearing these, and they got lots of attention! Would you wear blingy nails like this, or is it too crazy for you?

Thanks for stopping by today. I'll see you next time! xoxo

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