23 September 2013

Sweet & Simple Sunday: OPI Textured French

Good day my lovelies! Today I have a couple of quick announcements before I show you the manicure. I'll be quick!

First, as you perhaps noticed by the banner on the right, Glittericity now has a Facebook page! Follow me here to get blog update notifications in your news feed, plus the odd NOTD (Nails of the Day) now and then. It's also where I will share news about giveaways, contests, etc that I come across in the nail blogging community, so you can enter and maybe win too!

Also, today will be the first installment of what I hope will be a weekly feature: Sweet & Simple Sunday. I get a lot of questions about the nail art I do, and quite often the reaction once I explain is, "I could never do that, I don't have all the tools you do" or "I don't have the time/money to invest in something like that". On Sundays I will showcase simple designs that do not need special tools and do not take long to create, but still look great!

Now then, let's get on with it. I picked up a set of 4 mini-bottles from the OPI Bond Girls collection a couple of weeks ago:

As soon as I saw the pink and white ones, I knew what I wanted to do: a textured twist on a classic French!

Pearly and elegant :D Outdoors in sunlight.

Pussy Galore is the lovely pearly pink, and Solitaire is the pearl white with sparse silver glitter. They take a few coats to be opaque (2-3 depending on application) and I didn't want it to be too thick, so I started with a quick base of similar pink and white: Revlon #911 Pink Chiffon and Ulta Snow White. This doesn't have to be fully opaque, nor does the tip line have to be neat--it's just a base for the textured polishes.

Then I carefully painted Pussy Galore onto the pink area, stopping at the line. You want to go slowly with this part, because the trick to the nice smooth line and keeping the same thickness along the whole length of the nail is not to have any overlap of the colours. Once that dried, I added Solitaire over the white. It is quite easy to do this neatly with the polish brush, especially with these OPI Pro-Wide brushes. You can lay the bristles flat and let it create the line for you! The textured polish makes this easier as well: since you aren't going to get a "crisp" line no matter what you do, it's very forgiving.

No topcoat, of course. :)

With their bottles! Inside with flash.

And inside without flash. The texture shows up nicely here.

I couldn't not pose with this pink and white rose-scented sachet! Just too cute.

Annnnd one more, blurry on the thumb and index finger, so you can see the sparkle!

I hope you enjoyed this one, and maybe you'll give it a try! If you do, show me over on the Facebook page :) See you next time! xoxo

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