30 September 2013

Sweet & Simple Sunday: Tone-on-Tone Dotted Nails

Buenos días, amigos :D  Welcome to another Sweet & Simple Sunday. I'm Amanda, and I'll be your hostess. Today's manicure features some pretty dots!

For today's easy yet eye-catching design, you'll need three things: two polishes (ideally, in the same or similar colour, but different finishes... however, this would look cute with contrasting colours too) and something pointy with which to make dots. This can be anything... a toothpick, a ball-point pen, a blunt pencil, the back of a makeup or paintbrush, the little rounded end of a bobby/hair pin... just look around, I guarantee you'll find something!

Paint on your base colour first. I chose Orly Charged Up, a basic purple creme. Application is a bit tricky and I needed three coats for it to be opaque and not patchy. Allow this to dry.

Then take your second colour (mine is Color Club Eternal Beauty--awesome purple holo!), and either dab a bit onto a piece of scratch paper and dip in your dot-making-tool, or paint it directly onto said tool (first method works better though), and make one dot right above your cuticle, in the middle. So far so good, right? Then paint a few more dots in a row right above it. For my length, a good number was three--one at the cuticle, one in the centre of the nail, and one near the tip. It will depend on the length of your nails and the size of your dots, but when you finish you should have a line of dots going down the middle of your nail.

Then move over beside this line, and make a dot to the right and halfway between two of your middle-row dots. Carry on in this manner to make another row there, and on the left side of the centre row as well, spacing them out roughly the same. The nice thing about this design is that it's fairly easy to get right--and even if it isn't totally perfect, it still looks cute!

Once your nail is covered with dots, allow it to dry really well before sealing with topcoat. (If you don't wait, your topcoat might drag the dots and cause streaks--decidedly less cute!--so make sure it's dry first!) I used Orly Sec 'N Dry.

Indoors, no flash. Skintone looks weird but you can see that the two shades are fairly similar. I probably should have used a lighter base to get the look I was going for, but it still looks pretty!

Another with flash :) pity there was no sun on the days I wore this--it would have been gorgeous!

And last, a super-bright pic I took with my phone. Not the best, but I loved how bright-rainbowy the dots look!

So there you have it, an easy yet cute design that's sure to get some attention from your friends. If you try it out, please show me on my Facebook page!

Thanks for visiting today. See you next time! xoxo

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