02 October 2013

Lacquer Lust Birthstone Swatches: Tanzanite, Peridot, and Diamond

Hello hello! Today I'll be sharing with you three of the new Lacquer Lust Birthstone Collection polishes! These babies went on sale a couple of week ago and sold out within the hour, but yours truly took a late lunch and sat there refreshing like a madwoman at work, just waiting... and managed to get the three I wanted!

Unfortunately, one was lost in a tragic accident during swatching :( I'm absolutely gutted. I've never dropped and broken one of my polishes before, and of course the one time I do, it's a rare, irreplaceable, and gorgeous shade. But I did get a few pics beforehand.

This is a super picture-heavy post, so I added a page break. Click the jump to see the swatches!

In all swatches below I have applied two coats. On my pointer and ring fingers I started with a coat of Nfu-Oh! Aqua Base for holos, and on the middle and small fingers I just used my regular base coat. I did not see any noticeable difference, so that's great--these polishes have an amazing formula! Buttery and smooth and effortless to apply--more like the Color Club Halo Hues than any other holo, which can be streaky and patchy and require the special base coat to look right. I did not use topcoat for these swatches.

First up is the lovely Tanzanite. This is a blue-purple shimmer with intense holo effect:

Indoors with flash...
...outdoors in shade...
...and outdoors in sun! Look at that lovely rainbow :D
One more in the sun <3 I think dark holos are just out of this world!

Tanzanite is probably my favourite of these. It's just so intense! I can't stop gazing at it!

Now for Peridot. This is the one I broke :(  I'm just so sad. It's a wonderful light green, the perfect shade to carry the name Peridot. I didn't get any inside pics, since I dropped it as I was preparing to take those and was too busy mourning and cleaning my floor--the manicure got ruined. But here are some outdoor shots...

Outdoors in shade. Rather muted sage-looking here, but...
...look at that rainbow in the sun! This is so nice. Would be a great base for St. Paddy's nail art.
Its sad ending on my kitchen floor. </3 RIP, Peridot.

*dabs eyes with tissue* I know there's pretty much no chance of her ever restocking these, but I can only hope I might get the chance to replace it one day.

Let's move on to the last one, shall we? End this on a happier note? Diamond is a gorgeous light grey holo with white glassflecky shimmery bits in too! I wanted this to be my favourite, since it is not only my birthstone (yay April babies!) but one of the more unique holographic polishes out there. I'm glad this wasn't just another silver--I LOVE silver holos, but this is different!

Indoors with flash...
...outdoors in shade...
...outside in sun! The holo is more subtle than in some of the others, although it is a teeny bit more visible IRL than in this photo. Bit more like the bottle. Isn't it awesome?

I wanted to keep this on, and I knew exactly what kind of nail art to add to it... I used Konad special white polish to add lots of the diamond image from Bundle Monster plate BM09, and the sparkles from the centre image of Red Angel plate 101 (there's more to this image but I just used the sparkly bits).

This is even better in person <3

One more. Click to enlarge, and check out the thumb--definitely can see more of the linear holo going on. I reaaaalllly like this shot.

That's all for this post! I kind of wish I'd bought more of them, but they weren't cheap (and I missed out on the pre-sale). I'll cling to the two I have left and cherish them! These really are great polishes--beautiful, easy to apply, and excellent quality from packaging to the product itself. Lacquer Lust is a new top brand for me!

Thanks for joining me today. See you next time! xoxo

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