31 January 2014

SH Scarab + Simple Rhinestone Accents = pretty!

Hiya! Just a quick post this time. I'm kind of cheating today, but I just couldn't bear the thought of taking off Scarab yet, nor of covering it up very much, so I added some simple accent stones for a quick mini-post.

The centre bronze stone is from a wheel I got from Cult Nails, and the small crystals on the sides of it are random 1mm ones from a craft store. I took inspiration from the name of the polish, and the bronzey colour scarabs and June-bugs tend to have alongside their lovely green and teal hues.

Pic with my phone case, because it matches, and it's super pretty :D

I tried to make up for my "cheating" with a pretty water droplet photo! I got this idea because duochromes look lovely underwater, plus I couldn't stop staring at my nails in the shower today, lol.

I need to do this kind of shot more often *_*

I promise that's all of this colour! Next post will be a kickoff of my Valentines Day designs :D I noticed a lot of bloggers and YouTubers have already started with these, but I just can't start wearing hearts and romantic designs until February. So...

JK, I promise it won't all be disgusting ;)  see you next time! xoxo

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