02 February 2014

Blue Fuzzy Hearts + Metallic Doodles

Hi-dee ho, neighbour!

Happy Sunday, for most of you! It's nearly Monday here now, but either way, it's about 11 hours before the Super Bowl. And in rather unusual fashion for me, today's manicure has nothing to do with it. (But, go Broncos, put that big-mouth Sherman in his place >.> )

*ahem* right. Nails! It's February, and thus I will kick off Valentiney designs--or just other cute or soft romantic-type looks that can be worn any time! Today's falls more in the "cute whimsical" sort of category.

Let's start with the materials I used! A few days ago, I went to a discount cosmestic store I found in a local shopping centre, and found this cute "velvet nails" kit from BYS, with polish and matching flocking powder. As soon as I saw it, I suddenly wanted to do blue fuzzy hearts with it on a yellow background. And then I started thinking about what I could do around that, and remembered I had some gel pens, one of which matched this colour perfectly:

See? A match made in heaven.

I started with a base of Confetti Margarita Senorita, a nice lemony-yellow creme. I never noticed this before, but it dries SO shiny on its own. Here is a shot of it pre-decoration: 2 coats and no topcoat!

I just noticed the ring fingernail looks darker. It's just an angle thing.

Once that was completely dry, I used the blue polish from the Velvet kit and a small brush to paint hearts on all my nails. I then used the metallic blue gel pen to doodle around the hearts--dots, shapes, zig-zags, whatever. I got a photograph right after this step:


I swear I don't go into these posts intending to incorporate a meme. They just happen.

And sure enough, I got a little bit of smearing, but not too much. I applied the first layer of topcoat (KBShimmer Clearly On Top) very quickly and lightly--you float the polish onto the nail without the brush actually touching the surface--and managed to keep the doodles mostly intact. A second more careful layer smoothed everything out, and I let that dry completely.

Finally, I added a layer of a slow-drying clear polish over just the hearts, and dipped them into the flocking powder. I did not anticipate this, but the powder was sort of clumped together at first. Next time I'll open it ahead of time and "stir" the fluffy bits before I try to whack my nail into it. Instead of smooth fuzz, I ended up with little fluffballs in some areas. However, I managed to get them all done, and once that dried and I brushed away the extra fuzz...

fuzzy hearts!

How cute is that? :D

I'm not sure how long these will stay fuzzy, but after washing my hands several times + cooking dinner and getting oil and such on them, they are still fairly soft. I'm totally petting my nails every five minutes. That's not weird... right? ;)

I am glad I finally got to try out the velvet nail thing. I know it's soooooo several trends ago, but whatevs. It's fun and cute and I dig it. Plus I am still loving how closely the gel pen I already had matches the stuff in the set! Couldn't have been more perfect.

Thanks for coming by! See you next time xoxo

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