06 February 2014

Budding Romantic Rosebuds

Hello hello :) Today I am a bit tired after a long day, so this post will be short and sweet. But sweet it is, because I just love today's vintage rosebud look!

so sweet :)

The base colour, shown in the photographs, is China Glaze Budding Romance. I've had this one so long (it was part of their Spring 2013 Avant Garden Collection) and not worn it yet! It's that olivey, muddy, mossy, "ugly" green you either love or hate. I quite like it, and don't have anything else similar in my collection. The vintage look plus the name of the polish just begged for these sweet rosebuds to go on top! I've seen many ladies wear this look and many have shown tutorials as well, but the basic idea is to take three shades of the same hue, use the mid-tone to create a rough circle shape for each rose, then use the darker and lighter shades to make the squiggly C-shapes for the highlights and lowlights suggesting petals.

I used Zoya Jolene for the base of each rose, then Color Club She's Sooo Glam (lighter) and Revlon #350 Raspberry Rapture (darker, and also scented!) for the petals. The leaves are Orly Fresh, my favourite light limey grassy green.

Finished with a topcoat of Seche Vite.

I have to say, this one actually looks a lot better life-size than in these blown-up shots. The roses are much cuter and more delicate :)

Thanks for stopping by today! See you next time xoxo

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