04 February 2014

Miss Bliss on the Red Carpet

Hey there, sweet thang! I hope your week has started well :) Mine has, although the new house has had some work done since I've been here, and I've just been told they're coming back bright and early tomorrow to do even more. Hooray, waking up early is *awesome* :P buuuut the place should be lovely once it's all done!

Today I have a funky-yet-sweet look on my nails. Pink holo, red shatter, and some gems make a cute Valentiney mani!

This is a pic-heavy post! Sorry, you know I can't control myself around holos :D

So, as the post title suggests, I started with two coats of Color Club Miss Bliss on all nails. Lovely, lovely strong pink holo. Then, I added a thin coat of Revlon Colorstay #120 Red Carpet to just the ring fingers. I made this thin on purpose, hoping to get a bit of the holo sheen through it, and I kind of succeeded! Here is a quick shot of it at this point:


Once that was fully dry, I added a coat of OPI Red Shatter over all the pink nails. As much as I hate covering up holo, I think the rainbow bits peeking out from the cracks of red is so cool!

Last, I used clear polish to adhere some small gems in different shades of pink onto the red nail in the shape of a heart :)  Topcoated with KBShimmer Clearly on Top.

I think the heart came out nicer on my right hand, so I got a quick pic of it as well. The nails aren't quite as perfect over there, and it doesn't know how to pose, but...

And last, here are some shots in different lighting of the full mani. I really love how different it looks in each area!

Indoors by a window...

I love how warm this one looks. This is closest to how it looks indoors most of the time :)

Outside in shade.

Okay, I promise I'll stop with the pics now! I hope you liked this one! I very much love how the bling and holo and red all go together :D have a lovely day and I'll see you next time! xoxo

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