20 March 2014

Cheerful Flowers in Pots

Hello everyone!

I hope you're having a great week so far! I just got back from a nice birthday dinner and drinks for one of my new friends here. It was quite hot and muggy today, which made me feel less silly about having a very spring-like design on my nails. I got the idea for these cute, cartoonish daisies in flowerpots and just had to paint them!

I love them so much!

Background sky blue is the same as the bottle I am holding above--Soulstice Spa Kona. Beautiful creamy buttery one-coater. I've raved about this brand (and this particular polish) before, so I won't again--but it's really lovely :)

The flower and pot design took quite a few steps, and I did it the reverse of what you might expect when looking at it now--I painted the black outline first, then added the details of each area with white, and finally filled in the different bits with colour. Here is a quick-and-dirty photo series of this process. Please excuse the varying quality--they were taken with my phone, which was closer and easier to grab mid-painting:

The black and white are acrylic paint, as I find this is much easier to work with when doing such small details. I filled them in with polishes and the same little detail brush. The pots are a nice brick-red I thought was suitably reminiscent of the earthy clay flowerpots you typically find--it is OPI Lost On Lombard, from the relatively recent San Francisco collection. It had been an untried in my collection to this point, so I was quite happy it worked so well for the look I was going for!

The flower centres are Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Mellow Yellow, and the green leaves are a mix of Revlon #571 Posh and a dab of the same yellow to lighten it. The flower petals are done in four pink/red shades: from left to right Zoya Jolene, Soulstice Spa Buenos Aires, Orly Frolic, and Indie Polish Neon Pink. The second and last of those were so easy to apply, by the way. Creamy and just seemed to flow right where I wanted them. Best quality a polish can have!

Finally, using the tiniest of brushes and the lightest of touches, I painted the little happy face in the middle of each with more black acrylic paint. Had to hold my breath for a lot of the detail-painting process, and especially this bit. Topcoated with two coats of KBShimmer Clearly On Top.

I know the photos show an enlarged view, but the flower centres are barely 2mm across in real life! I actually had a headache by the end of this--lol! But totally worth it, as I really like the result. They're so cheerful and cute, I can't help smiling when I look down at them.

with an actual flower :D  And only about twice as large as IRL in this shot.

I hope you liked these! I think it's an adorable idea for spring :)  Thanks for coming by today. See you with more next time! xoxo

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