22 March 2014

Diamond Holo Gradient

Bonjour, beautiful people!

I'm late getting this post up--eek! Had a late night last night and didn't get a chance to write this. I figured a late but good post was better than just slapping the pics up in a hurry. You deserve my best :D

Today I have a neutral gradient manicure that is anything but neutral, really ;)

Outdoors in sun

I love that this one would be demure and work-appropriate inside (especially if you left off the embellishments), but outdoors it explodes in rainbows!

I started with Lacquer Lust Diamond, shown above. Such a gorgeous creamy light-grey with white glassflecks and subtle linear holo! (I have a more in-depth swatch and review of this shade as well as a couple of her sisters here.) There was another polish in the collection called Opal, but opal stone is very much what I think of when I see this polish up close. It reminds me of this:

(image from http://headdlineslondonuk.files.wordpress.com)
 So stunning *_*

I sponged the tips with Color Club Beyond, a lovely strong black holo. I was so upset that I didn't get a bottle of the original OPI My Private Jet, until this came out. A great substitute in my opinion :)

Indoors with flash
As lovely as this looked alone, I wanted to make it even shinier, so I added a 1mm crystal in the middle near the cuticle. To each side of that, I placed a piece of silver hex glitter from Born Pretty Store, and then finally to the outsides of that, a piece of the slightly-smaller hex glitter from Essie Set in Stones (my favourite silver chunky glitter, and the one polish I'd choose to wear for the rest of my life if I had to pick one--I almost always have it on my toes).

Topcoated with Seche Vite.

The sun only came out for a brief moment, so most of these pics were snapped quickly when I dashed outside upon seeing it brighten up! Most of the time it looked like this, which was actually OK too--I love when a look can be equally pretty in dull conditions too:

I also took the opportunity to pose with this (very fake) diamond bracelet I have. It's gaudy and flashy and obnoxious and awesome.

I have a serious addiction to those shiny bits like you see on the ring finger. I cannot think of the official term for those, but I love them.

So there you have it. Neutral ≠ boring :D  thanks for stopping in today. See you next time! xoxo

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