13 March 2014

Green & Yellow Shimmery Water Marble

Good day, lovely people! Today I have another green St. Paddy's-themed design for you. It had been ages since I did a water marble, and I decided now was the time to change that!

I wanted to do a marble with finer detail, thinner lines, so I used more drops of polish and more swirling it about with the toothpick. Over a white base I marbled Zoya Midori (light shimmery warm-sagey green), Zoya Darcy (the yellow), and the tealy-green you see in the photo--BYS Thank You Ma'am. It leans more warm and green than it appears here, and has an almost golden shimmer. Really nice polish!

Cleanup is so tough with marbles. I'd added cuticle cream and they still looked like this--yuck! But I included this pic anyway because I think the detail shows up best :)

I decided to not worry about the bubbles, of which as you can see I had quite a few. I think they kind of look like dots or shiny bits or the way stars might be made in a galaxy mani. Once it all dried, I added two thin coats of Essie As Gold As It Gets. I think the pretty mix of gold shimmer and small golden flakies really warmed up the look as well as adding the shine! Seche Vite tops it all off.

Indoors with flash--the greens blend together more in here. You can also see more of the true nature of Thank You Ma'am here.

The fine details in this marble mean that from a distance, the nails just look basically light green, with some weird streaky bits here and there. But I really like how they look once you peer closer!

One more, outdoors in shade. I like how a different colour seems to stand out in each lighting situation. Here, Darcy comes out to play! The golden flakes are also more apparent here.
I hope you liked this design! See you next time xoxo

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