14 March 2014

Quickie: Pi Day Nails!

Yep, I went there. I am never one to pass on a good geek joke.

Creme base for the numbers is Zoya Caitlin, other nails are Zoya Nyx. (Don't they compliment each other perfectly? I think Nyx was made by looking at Caitlin and going "that's pretty, let's Pixie-Dust-ify that."

Big pi is painted with acrylic paint and a small brush, and the numbers carefully written with a fine-pointed Sharpie. Thumbs not shown, but I did a gradient tip with the textured polish over the creme base. Non-textured bits topcoated with Orly Sec 'N Dry.

Now I'm going to eat pie and... think about circles?

See you tomorrow ;) xoxo

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