28 March 2014

Lucky Royal George (aka Accidental Evil Eye)

Hello, my beauties!

I know, two updates in a row, right? But this is a special one. Today's post is my contribution for the Lacquer Legion's March theme! This month, the prompt is "Lucky". I like that the prompts are generally quite broad--it leads to so much diversity and creativity in the entries :)

I, in general, have a love/hate relationship with the concept of luck. I have met some wonderful people, had some amazing opportunities, been to so many places, and overall I feel very fortunate even though I am far from rich. However, I am not sure how much 'luck' really plays into that. I tend to believe things happen for a reason, we're part of a grander scheme, etc. When it comes to really "lucky" things, like winning contests/drawings; acquiring random events in games; escaping unscathed from klutzy incidents; not tripping, dropping, breaking, losing, dirtying, sitting on, knocking over, or spilling things, I have a really really really poor track record. (Let's just say "graceful" would never be on any top-ten lists of words that describe me.)

However, one time I did strike it lucky, and won a contest that scored me a bottle of Nubar's limited-edition commemorative polish celebrating the newest addition to Britain's royal family--Royal George Blue! (I did a swatch-and-review of it here.) It's the only polish I've ever won, so I decided the "lucky" prompt was the perfect time to pull this little bottle out again.

Outdoors in sun

I've had the idea kicking about in my head for a while to do a modified half-moon shape at the base, but with a whole circle. A full-moon manicure, if you will! (I'm officially making that a thing, now.)

I paired Royal George Blue (bottle pictured) with Orly Blue Collar (the blue creme) to create this look. I painted alternating fingers with each of these shades, then used a small brush to create the circle at the base of each nail with the other polish. For the finishing touch, a piece of this large circular glitter I found at a Michael's craft store ages ago. It's called Mermaid, and the colour is pretty much exactly like the tiny glitters in the Nubar polish, except they flash brilliant green :)

awkward hand pose = super weird wrinkly hand EW DON'T LOOK UP THERE, FOCUS ON THE GLITTER AND THE NAILS, ARRRRGGGHHH

Seche Vite went on top to seal in the glitters and add a lovely shine.

Indoors with flash. I think the frosty nature of RGB shows up best here.
Outdoors, no sun. It rained most of the day...
The sun came out for a brief few moments, and I bounded outside like an excited puppy to get the next photo (as well as the first one in this post)..

The glitters look spherical and 3D in certain lights!
RGB is a very pale blue, but in the shade it looks almost white :)

Near the end of the day, I walked into my bedroom and saw my lamp, and realised that this manicure totally looks like my Indian evil eye talisman. Accidental but awesome!

Oops, bit pic-heavy. Sorry! When a polish looks so different in assorted lighting scenarios, I really like to show them all :) I hope you enjoyed today's post. See you tomorrow as I get back to my usual schedule! xoxo

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  1. I love NUBAR polish! This is an great interpretation of the theme!!


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