26 March 2014

Tinsley's Gilded Pearls

Hello, my friends :) welcome back!

Today's design features yet another previously-untried polish in my collection... and now I cannot believe I waited this long to wear this beauty!

Outdoors in shade/indirect light

Meet Tinsley, one of the six Irresistible collection Zoya released in June. They are all bright, jewel-toned foils like this, but I think Tinsley may be the most gorgeous of the collection. It's mostly peachy-pink, but depending on the angle, can look rose-pink, gold, orange... but always shimmery and beautiful! I think the base is primarily pink, but there's just so much gold going on, it usually looks more peach or gold... I can't stop staring at it!

Here is a swatch of it alone. One could probably get away with two medium coats, but I did three thin ones to make sure there was no nail line showing through.

You can see some of its duochromey-ness here, as well as that lustrous glimmer :D

I wanted to accent that beautiful gold without covering too much of the polish, so I added a simple bit of gold striping tape along the nail, and then adhered three small half-pearls along this line.

Outdoors in as much light as I could get. It's been rainy and grey the past few days, so unfortunately no sun pics. I need to get a natural-light lamp, I think. This polish would be even more epic in sunshine.

Topcoated with KBShimmer Clearly On Top. (I've been using this topcoat for a while now, and I think it's my new favourite! It is as shiny and quick-drying as Seche Vite, but without getting thick and gloopy halfway through the bottle. Five stars!)

Indoors with flash... eee it's so pretty :D

Thanks for reading today... Have a sparkly lovely day, and I'll see ya next time! xoxo

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