31 March 2014

Ozotic Swirl with Crystal Cross Accent

Hullo everyone!

Today I have a slightly pic-heavy post showing off a fun swirly duochrome look.. but before that, I want to quickly mention something of which Rebecca reminded me recently:

Paraphrased from her page--because she summed it up perfectly: "Facebook is going to be showing posts from pages like mine to less and less people. A Facebook spokesperson said, 'the best way to get your stuff seen if you’re a business is to pay for it.' I will not pay Facebook to share posts that I create and share for free." (This hobby is expensive enough as it is, amirite?!)

This means you might not see my posts anymore in your news feed. If you want to be sure you get my updates on Facebook, like or comment on something from my page. If you do, it should ensure that you continue seeing my updates there! Alternatively, you can follow me on Twitter, where I post every update as well as #notd and sneak previews, plus occasional other little tidbits I find :) Or Bloglovin'; they haven't turned evil and started charging (yet?)...

And now, on to the nails!

Outdoors in shade

I was aiming for a gem-like appearance, swirling duochrome polishes over a black base. Like my last design, it didn't work out quite the way I'd envisioned, but I still really like the result!

The base is two easy coats of Soulstice Spa Gotham, standard black creme. While that was wet, I dabbed on spots of four different duochromes: Orly Space Cadet (pictured above), and Ozotic 503, 504, & 505. I used a thin striping brush to swirl the dots together a bit, marbling them without getting them too melded together. Topcoated with KBShimmer Clearly On Top.

I wanted to brighten up the look without covering much of the design, so I did a simple cross shape with some 1mm Swarovski crystals on the ring finger. I pushed them into the topcoat and didn't put anything over it, fearing I'd ruin the gorgeous sparkle of these diamantes. Hopefully they stay on for a while!

Ozotic 505 is amazing, you guys. They all are--Space Cadet is sooo bright and sparkly in addition to the strong red-gold-purple shift!--but oh em gee. Alone, 505 is practically transparent. Nothing. A faint smear. But over black, it transforms into a beautiful brilliant explosion of electric blue, teal, gold, green, purple... it is a polish-lover's dream.

Indoors with flash. Not the best lighting for this particular mani.

It's very difficult to point out which polish is which in the design, because they all constantly change with the angle. 504 and 505 can look very similar at times. But none are ever the same at the same time. It's the multicoloured-Christmas-light-strand of nail designs :D

A couple of odd-angle shots to show off the colour-shift...


And last, just for fun, one of the crystals caught the light...


This manicure is even more eye-catching in real life. I wish a camera existed that could properly show off duochromes!

Nonetheless, I hope you liked this one! The "swirling-polishes-while-wet" technique is a really easy way to get a cool look. You should try it yourself :)

Thanks for stopping in today. See you next time! xoxo

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