02 April 2014

Swatch Time! Metallic Cobalt Blue & Chunky Rainbow Glitter

Hello hello :)

Today's post is relatively simple--I just want to show off a couple of new (to me) polishes today! A chunky rainbowy glitter by Face of Australia, which I'll show you second, and then a really gorgeous shimmery blue.

I walked into Big W yesterday, and the first thing I saw was a display with the Revlon Chroma Chameleon collection, which apparently came out last May and I totally missed the boat! (Go ahead, I dare you to say that without singing it... chroma chroma chroma chroma chroma chameleooooonnnnn...)

They are all gorgeous (hello, Chanel Peridot dupe), but nothing unique in terms of duochrome polishes. Only one called out for me to take it home, and ironically it's the least changeable of the lot.

This lovely shimmery midnight-blue/dusty blue/indigo beauty is called Cobalt!

Outdoors in shade.

This is two coats of Cobalt, which glided on in a very satisfying kind of way. It's a little bit thin, and the first coat goes on streaky, but a second one totally evens things out and looks beautifully rich and deep. It is fairly glossy even without topcoat, but I noticed in the bottle it looked like it might be a satin-finish (even though I knew it wasn't). To see how it looked both ways, I added Seche Vite topcoat on the index + middle nails and OPI Matte topcoat on the ring and small fingers. I like them both!

Outdoors in sun.

This is one of those shades that doesn't always photograph exactly right, but the above photo is pretty spot on. My skin looks a bit funny, but never mind that--the polish is accurate!

Indoors with flash.
Outdoors in indirect sun

I quite like the above photo--you can really see the shift on the shiny nails, and the shadow cast on the matte ones looks like a ruffian!

On to the glitter! As I mentioned earlier, it is by Face of Australia, and it is called Saturday Night Fever. It's a clear base PACKED with small hexes, large hexes, and big squares in red, silver, gold, green, light blue, purple, and lavender. Here I layered it over the aforementioned Cobalt as well as black and white, and then showed it alone for comparison:

Outdoors in shade

The formula of the suspension base is perfect. It's thick enough to suspend the glitters evenly, but thin enough to keep things from clumping together. You get a massive amount of pieces with every dip, and application is easy. As with any chunky glitter, you have to do a bit of spreading and placing (or as I call it, the dab-and-disperse), but there's no issues whatsover with doing so.

I applied one coat over the three colours, and then two coats alone on the small finger. As you can see, it would be fairly easy to build this to opacity alone for a really fun glitterbomb! The square pieces appeared to curl and I thought I'd have sticky-outy problems, but nope--they laid pretty flat on the nail, and only one topcoat was needed to smooth out the surface. I'm a fan :D

Indoors with flash.

I decided to have some fun with this one... let's put that matte topcoat on and see how it looks!

How about in a jelly sandwich? OPI Don't Touch My Tutu! is the perfect sheer jelly white for this...

I particularly like this effect over the white and blue nails!

Alllllrighty, that's all I have today! Now, I am afraid I must take a blogging hiatus, as I have about ten coats of polish on my nails including a chunky glitter, and therefore it will never ever ever come off and I cannot do any more manicures until these grow out.

Just kidding, of course! Join me next time for some purple piCture pOlish photos! xoxo

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