26 April 2014

Matte + Shiny Stripes: Blue for Autism Awareness

Hello! I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend so far.

After my last post, I wanted to play around more with multi-finish looks--I think a combinaton of matte or wax finish & glossy just looks so chic! I also wanted to do a blue manicure to honour Autism Awareness month. So, with those two concepts combined...

I started with a base of Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear #250 Blue It. Two smooth coats of this gorgeous metallic cerulean-blue gave perfect coverage. Such a nice rich shade with a warmer shimmer--check it out!

This look calls for a matte base, though, so I added a coat of OPI Matte Topcoat. Once that fully dried (FULLY dried... I waited about an hour), I added some blue striping tape from dollarnailart.com -- this metallic blue matched the polish perfectly.

No topcoat, obviously--didn't want to ruin the matte finish. It does mean the striping tape won't last long, though...

skin tone went funky in this one. Nails are accurate.

I want to actually wear this for a day or two, so I added topcoat over it. I'm glad I got all the photos first. Obviously I knew the matte finish would go away, but I didn't expect this to happen:

Kind of meh quality, but you can see what happened. The blue colour disappeared from the tape, and instead it is silver and even gunmetal grey in spots. I wonder why it did that! It doesn't look bad now, just... not what I expected. Oh well!

I hope you liked today's design! Join me next time for April's Lacquer Legion prompt. This month's theme is Glam--check out the link if you want to know more. (It's not too late to join if you are interested!) I can't wait! xoxo

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