24 April 2014

Silver Metallic Matte + Foil Tips

Hello, lovely ladies and gorgeous gentlemen!

Sorry for the delay in posts! In preparation for some renovations starting tomorrow, we've been tearing the house apart and packing things out of the way, and my poor nails had to be neglected. The good news is, I didn't break any and I'm all caught up on manis and I have posts scheduled for the 5-6 days I'll be out of the house. You won't even know I'm gone ;)

Today's design was inspired by this awesome design by More Nail Polish. I don't have any gold foil, and unlike Cathy, I prefer silver over gold--so I used that instead!

You could use any silver + matte topcoat for this, but I opted for the package deal and used two coats of OPI This Gown Needs A Crown. Easier AND prettier! I really can't get enough of this lovely silky silver satin ;)

I then did some French tips with foil glue (not perfectly, as you can see... it's a bit hard to tell where the glue goes sometimes, so my lines aren't entirely straight... oops) and then applied the foil called Lilac Splash from dollarnailart.com. It's mostly silver with some subtle lilac and pink--it's really pretty!

Topcoated just over the foil with KBShimmer Clearly On Top, which made the foil crinkle a little, but not terribly. It looked awesome and super-smooth before, but would have rubbed right off!

Outdoors in sun
Indoors with flash... I just love the contrast!
Outdoors in shade

Anybody know any good foil-safe topcoats? I've heard about water-based ones that don't crinkle the foil, but have never seen any for sale, at least not ones I knew were reputable. I'd love to get my hands on something that would seal in and protect foil without ruining it.

OK, time to get back to work packing up! Have a lovely day, and I'lll see you all soon xoxo

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