13 April 2014

piCture pOlish Multichrome Swatchfest, Part 2: Solar Flare


Time for part 2 of what I started yesterday--let's keep it rollin'!

Solar Flare is the second LE multichrome I picked up. At the risk of repeating myself, it's aaahh-mazing! It shifts bronze, burgundy/wine, red, orange, gold, yellow, even sort of greenish at some angles. I think the scattered holo flakes make this one really stand out. In the other colours, they look like stars and make it galaxy-in-a-bottle-like, but with this one, it reminds me more of sparks coming off a fire. So hot!

**Note** It is suggested that all these polishes be layered over black, and in general I do. However, I thought this one would be gorgeous layered over red! So, in these swatches I have layered two coats of it over black on my index and middle fingers, two coats over red on my ring finger, and one coat over red on the small finger. It looks so cool all three ways--richer, warmer red- and orange-toned over the red, more colour-shifting and a darker overall look with the black. (For the nail art in the first and last pic, I switched it up, using two coats over red on all nails.)

Now then, let's go!

Outdoors in indirect light/partial shade

Outdoors in sun
More outdoors in sun
Annnd more sun
In shade, showing off that shift at an angle
Just angle each finger differently for an instant ombre manicure!
Indoors with flash. I like the burgundy/wine colour that comes out over the black.

I really loved it over the red, so I did two thin coats over red on all nails, and then some art! Because with a name like Solar Flare I felt legally and morally obligated to paint flames:

(I used black acrylic paint, Revlon #932 Copper Penny, and a small brush for the flames.)

What do you think of this polish? I'm thinking it's totally rad, and I might wear it over red during the Christmas holidays :D

Come back tomorrow for part 3: Gravity! xoxo

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