16 April 2014

piCture pOlish Multichrome Swatchfest, Part 3: Gravity

Hiya! Sorry I'm late with part 3 of my piCture pOlish LE Swatchfest! It was gloomy and rainy yesterday, and that's no weather for photographing holographic, multichromatic polishes. I got loads of photos today, so let's get to it! (Parts 1 and 2 can be seen here and here.)

The last polish I have to show you is Gravity. It is primarily a dusky midnight blue, but shifts to cerulean, teal, purple, pink, and at some angles even a dusty mauve. And of course, it sports those lovely PP scattered holo flecks!

I had two days of different lighting situations with which to take pics of this one, so I have a few more than the previous polishes. But I think it's worth it, because this one has so many different facets!

All swatches show two coats over black, plus topcoat. Unlike the two swatches before, I used Seche Vite instead of KBShimmer. I have slightly more shrinkage in these shots--so sorry.

Indoors under natural lamp
Indoors with flash. More of a midnight blue here.
Outdoors during the grey day. You can see a bit of the shift...
A bit more
I love this look. I feel like I am gazing up into the night sky.
Ah yes, now we have sun pics! Here's a blurry one to show off the holo sparkle. (Solar Flare has the same sparkle, btw--I just forgot to get one like this before.)
Sunny multi-angle pic.

The requisite water-droplet pics...

One last pic inside--I like how it looks more muted and greyish-black, with the more dusty-mauve at an angle. This polish looks different everywhere--and I love it!

Phew! That's all. And believe it or not, I had to cull a lot of photos too. I hope you liked this little series. What I hoped to accomplish was to give each polish a more in-depth look than I would if I squished them all into one post. :)

Tomorrow is my birthday! I will post a few photos of my birthday manicure, which I'm actually working on right now, before heading out to party. I'll give you a hint... it's holo and sparkly and ridiculous :D see you soon! xoxo

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