06 April 2014

This One's Not Fussy...

Hola, lacquer lovers!

Today I have another stunning purple piCture pOlish to show you. I hinted at which one it is in my last post... and now I'm happy to show you Hussy!

So scandalous! ;)  We have Claudia the Holographic Hussy to thank for the inspiration behind this polish. It's a beautiful purple that's both warm and dusty, and has so many great characteristics:

1. It's holographic! Best part. Not like she'd settle for anything less with a name like that.

Outdoors in sun, and blurry to show off the holo sparkle!

2. It looks great in all lighting conditions (which was one of her main goals in creating this with the Girls at piCture pOlish). In the sun it glimmers with linear holo rainbows as well as the signature PP scattered holo-flakes, and in low light the flakes show up as beautiful silver sparks in the dustier, toned-down-but-still-gorgeous side of this polish:

Outdoors in sun...
...and without.

3. It's a one-coater! Yes, you read that correctly. All these photos show ONE coat of Hussy (plus Seche Vite topcoat). It's a creamy, glidey, easy formula that gives all the depth and dimension you can ask for in a single coat. It is magnificent.

One more in sun, at a less glarey angle. The warm rich red tone is so pretty, isn't it? And see what I meant about depth? Can you believe it's one coat? I can barely believe it, and I painted these myself!

Indoors with flash

I always hesitate to do any art over holos, because who wants to cover up all that gorgeousness? But I decided to play off the silver flecks in this and do a thin-lined stamped design, so I chose the diamonds image from Bundle Monster plate BM-422, and stamped with Sally Hansen Insta-Dri #230 Silver Sweep.

So that's Hussy! Thanks for coming by today. :) I've been playing with a different camera and a makeshift lightbox for the photos starting with my next post. Here's hoping they come out nicely and that I can start boosting the quality of my images! I mean srsly, after blogging nearly two years, I should have learned a few tricks along the way. See you next time! xoxo

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