04 April 2014

Imperial Purple & Gold: piCture pOlish Swatch + Studs

G'day, love! Want to see what my latest nail-mail package contained? :D

Outdoors in sun

Some gorgeous new piCture pOlishes! I got two purples in this box and another coming soon with some LEs. I'll show you the other one next time (hint--it's an easygoing holographic!) but for now, let's focus on this beauty--piCture pOlish Imperial. *fanfare*

Imperial has a very interesting formula. It is first and foremost very neon in nature. Streaky, dries to a satin/waxy finish, and very bright for a purple (I did my best with the photos, but it's a bit brighter, warmer, and red-toned than these indicate). I actually very much like that, unlike most "neon purples" which are really magenta/pink, this is truly an electric purple.

However, it also has shimmer (blue-toned) and little gold hexes! I imagine this was a difficult blend to put together--a neon creme that is still transluscent enough to show off all these shiny bits inside. Hats off to you, Girls, because it's lovely!

Indoors with flash
I have applied three coats in these swatches, plus a bit of dabbing here and there to fill in bald spots. It's not an easy formula. You can see above some mess around the cuticles and some unevenness on the middle nail--this is before cleanup and topcoat, so you can see the not-quite-shiny finish to which it dries alone.

Outdoors in shade

Ah, that's better. Clean cuticles and a shiny coat of Seche Vite on top.

Difficult formula or not, this is totally worth any and all effort involved in application. It's so pretty and SO unique. Good job, The Swatchaholic--what a lovely idea for a polish!

I used some gold studs from Born Pretty Store to decorate and accentuate those glitters...

Outdoors in sun

Outdoors in shade

Do you think I need a lightbox? I think I need a lightbox. And a better camera. I'm totes jealous of the beautiful photos I see some other bloggers posting. I need to get on that.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this mani, and this darling lacquer. As of this writing it's still available at http://picturepolish.com.au/, so grab it while you can!

See you next time for my other saucy shade! xoxo

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