22 May 2014

Fantasy Fire Layering & Stars

Hullo, my beauties :) Today I have a pretty layering combo to show you. I went out with some friends I haven't seen in months, and did these nails to match my primarily blue and silver outfit :D

I started with a subtle gradient base of Soulstice Spa Monterey and Revlon #730 Royal. The former is a nice creamy dusty blue that's just a bit lighter than Royal. I should have gotten a photo of the gradient alone, but I was in a hurry when I was doing these nails :S  I used my "lazy gradient" technique--painted the ligher colour on the whole nail, then the darker one at the tips, and finally used a makeup sponge to dab some of the darker polish just on the line between the two to create the gradual fade. I'll post a tutorial on that method sometime--it works great especially when using very similar shades, like this.

Anyway, atop the gradient is one coat of my beloved Max Factor Fantasy Fire, pictured above. While that was wet, I added these cute stars and silver square glitters, both from dollarnailart.com, to section off the tip and add some interest and glitz.

You can see the gradient best here. Subtle, but present :)

It's all sealed in with two coats of KBShimmer Clearly On Top (yes, that is my favourite topcoat, how'd you guess?) to smooth out the embellishments and keep the stars from sticking up and snagging on things.

I decided to be extra-snazzy, and paint the undersides of my nails too. I used Revlon #928 Silver Dollar and Essie Set In Stones to give it a shiny silver look:

Fantasy Fire really lights up in the sun! I wish the other colours in that multichromatic shimmer showed up more on camera. They look all red and orange here, but they shift to yellow, green, teal, blue... it's a beautiful glowy rainbowy effect that's made this one of the most coveted polishes around! Layering it on top of Royal is a very popular combo, and I couldn't believe I hadn't shown it here yet!

Blurry shot so you can really see that sparkle :)

I am so happy to be able to easily get Max Factor polishes in my new home. I might do a giveaway of this polish sometime... hmmm...

Thank you so much for stopping in today! See you again soon! xoxo

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