28 May 2014

"May" I Join the Lacquer Legion? Garden Themed Nails

Happy Wednesday! It's the end of the month, so that means another Lacquer Legion themed collaboration!

This month's prompt is "Garden"... so I took the literal approach:

They look more like a jungle, don't they? I started with one coat of China Glaze Glittering Garland. Lovely, dark, sparkly green jelly. You'd need two coats wearing it alone, but I knew most of it wouldn't be showing with this design. I then used three shades of green acrylic paint (mixed with black, then alone, then mixed with yellow) to build up a few layers of vines and stems and leaves. (I love what Robin Moses does with this technique--she was definitely the inspiration for the little swirly bits--go check out her floral playlist!) The idea was to create some depth, like you were looking down into a shrubbery or thicket.

At this point, my nails looked like this. I loved it so much I almost topcoated and called it a day...

...but pressed on with my flowers. I had intended to do big, bold, one-stroke blooms like I did before, but I liked this background so much I didn't want to cover as much of it--lol! So I used the same small detail brush dipped into yellow, then pink, and dabbed on some smaller ones.

A peek behind the scenes. Detail brush I've cut down further for making smaller lines, and a palette made of a plastic box of push-pins. Fancy, I am not.

Topcoated with 2 coats of KBShimmer Clearly On Top. I always use two coats over acrylic paint--protects better and makes it smooth.

Indoors with flash

Some of the barer spots show through since I only did one coat of Glittering Garland. I don't hate it, though! It reminds me of the dappled look you get when sunlight peeks through the foliage. Perfect, right? And the sparkles peeking through here and there make it look magical. Perhaps fairies live in this garden ;)

With a theme like that, I just had to take some pics outside!


So that's my #LLGarden mani done! I hope you enjoyed it, and if you want to join us, there's still time! Just share your garden-inspired mani on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc with the hashtag #LLGarden so we can all have a look :)

Have a lovely day, and I'll see you next time! xoxo

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