26 May 2014

There's a Scarab in my Midori! Diagonal Two-Tone French

Hello, beautiful people! It was such a pretty sunshiney day today, I was literally skipping around the back yard. And of course, taking pics of my latest nail design :D

I love the look of a two-tone French (my easy method for this can be found here), but I decided to mix it up and do it diagonally! The green is Zoya Midori, and the teal is Sally Hansen Lustre Shine #007 Scarab. I freehanded this with the polish brush, and it came out pretty well! Little shaky on the middle finger, which I didn't really notice until I looked at these photos. Two thin coats of Midori and one medium coat of Scarab was all I needed.

Indoors with flash

I couldn't decide what to do for an embellishment. I almost did a gold line separating the green from the nude base, but I was proud of my straight line so didn't need to hide anything ;)  I did want to bring out the warm gold-ish shimmer of Midori, so I settled on these little gold star studs from Born Pretty Store. Sealed in with Seche Vite.

Outdoors in shade
Outdoors in sun. These were so shiny it was almost hard to photograph!

Shiny bit on the star :D

These polishes are both very smooth and easy to work with, and I love them together. I think this would be a fun and easy way to wear the colours for your school or favourite sports team!

Do you have any of the Lustre Shine polishes? I passed up all except two of them at first, but after working with them, I think I want more. They're so smooth and glimmery and gorgeous.

Hope you liked these :) see you soon for more! xoxo

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