19 June 2014

Grey with Vintage Flowers

Hullo :)  late post today! Just got home from watching the State of Origin game--big rugby series in these parts. Going to post today's mani and then get to sleep!

I started with two coats of my go-to grey creme, Soulstice Spa Manchester, and then added two coats of Nubar 2010--nice shifting flakie (see also Essie Shine of the Times or Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure). Finally, some flower stickers from Glitterazzi. I picked up three packs of these nail stickers ages ago for $1 each, and am only getting around to using them. They were actually quite stiff and didn't curve very well to my nails (see the slight lifting on the thumb), but I got the idea to warm them with my hair dryer to soften the plastic, and had an easier time making them lay flat. Sealed in with two coats of Seche Vite.

The stickers are meant to glow in the dark, but I only see very faint glowy bits when I go into the dark, even after "charging" them under a light. I couldn't get a photo of this, just wasn't bright enough. But oh well--they're still really cute! I didn't intend for it to give a sort of vintage look, but I think it did in the end.

Indoors with flash
Outdoors in shade
Outdoors in sun
One more in sun, different angle, now with 100% more thumb

I usually try to make my hands match, but my right hand is entirely different and really sparkly today! I'll try to get some pics up tomorrow of it, just as a little bonus. See you then! xoxo

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