20 June 2014

Quick Shot: Glitter & Flakie Layering Combo

Hiya! As promised yesterday, here's a quick look at the mismatched right hand I wore with my grey vintage flowers. I never photograph my right hand because it never looks quite as good, plus I find it harder to pose and etc since I'm not used to it. However, this combo ended up so pretty I had to snap a few pics between World Cup games!

Please excuse the awkward poses and tip shrinkage (caused by me using an old thick bottle of Seche Vite to topcoat them) and focus on the pretty polish :)

Base is a plain black creme, Soulstice Spa Gotham, and then I layered BYS Glitter Crystal (silver scattered holo--think CG Fairy Dust but with much bigger particles) and Nubar 2010 (colour-shifting flakies) on top. It sparkled so nicely in the light!

Here's one outdoors, out of focus to really show off the rainbow explosion. I wish the flakies had shown up more, but I was in a rush taking photos and didn't have much sunlight to work with. The warm orange/yellow is mostly caused by those, and then you can see the shift best in the first photo.

Okie doke, that's all for this one. I'll be back next time with my usual swatchy hand sporting a pretty stamped look :) see you soon! xoxo

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