03 June 2014

Radiant Mermaid Nails

Hello! Lately I have been inspired by some of the beautiful glitter + stamping manis that Laurie does over at Dressed Up Digits. When I saw her latest one, I said THAT'S IT, I MUST DO ONE.

Read on to see how!

I used three polishes to make my glittery, watery, mermaid-tail-y base:

From left to right: China Glaze Of Coarse (non-glittery texture), Revlon #441 Radiance (aqua-blue microglitter, small hexes in pale blue, silver, and green), and BYS Out Of The Blue (small silver holo glitter, large and extra-large silver holo and blue hexes).

In putting together this combo, I discovered something AWESOME--textured polishes are the best base for glitters. See, this is one coat of Of Coarse (awful photo... I didn't even bother watermarking, it's so bad... but this is important):

see, no watermark. Go ahead, steal my ugly swatch. You will impress exactly no one.

When I went to apply my glitter, I discovered with delight that it flowed on perfectly! You know how often, glitters tend to clump up or all drag to the end of the nail, and you have to push them around and place them and fight to get it even? A textured base solves this problem! I think the bumpy bits grip the glitters and keep them in place. It was so easy!! I need more of these "plain" textures. Or someone should make a clear gritty basecoat like this...!

Anyway, two coats of Radiant, one coat of Out Of The Blue, and topcoat later, I had this pretty look, which I wore alone for a day first:

Now for a stamp! I had several ideas... floral, geometric... but the watery look of this kept calling me back to doing scales like a mermaid mani. So, while it isn't the most unique of ideas, I went with it. I did add my own touch with the accent nail! Both the scales and mermaid stamps are from Red Angel plate 111. It's just a regular girl with legs on the image, but I used my small brush to turn it into a mermaid tail and add more hair!

Indoors with flash
The image isn't quite big enough for my long nails, hence the epic stamping fail on the middle finger. Never mind that. Topped with Seche Vite.

Outdoors in shade--my favourite pic of these
And in light sun. My skin colour went all weird, but the polish is accurate.

Got the glitter-stamping combo out of my system... for now... ;)  And discovered a great trick for applying glitter. T'was a good day!

Thanks for reading today. See you soon for more! xoxo

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