23 July 2014

Mint Apple Blossoms

Hullo! Today's manicure was partially inspired by the names of one of the polishes... but mostly because I really wanted to paint flowers :)

And I just happen to have a tea towel that matches it perfectly--what are the odds?

The two polishes that make up this look are Sinful Colors Mint Apple and Zoya Rory. Both are nice, pigmented shades with lots of shimmer. They are almost one-coaters, but since I have such long nails I did two, to fully cover the nail line and achieve opacity on the tips.

I used Mint Apple and two dotting tools to make the flowers: a bigger one to place 5 dots in a circle, and a small one to gentle drag each dot to the centre to make a petal shape. It takes some practice to get the amount of pressure right--if you press too hard, you'll scrape off all the polish and show bare nail, but do it lightly and you will reveal some of the pink underneath, which makes for a pretty flower. See?

Indoors with flash

I added small silver studs (from an old decal sheet--I have no idea where I got them, but they have adhesive bits on the bottom, which makes them so easy to place!) to the centres just for some visual interest, topcoated, and was tempted to call it a day...

Because it is rather pretty this way, isn't it?

But after a while, I thought the flowers needed more definition. I pondered the best way to outline them, and then remembered the name Mint Apple... so I used thin white acrylic paint and small liner brush to do some rough apple-blossom shaped petals :)

Much better! (Indoors with flash)

And some little vines and dots, as you can see. It was hard to even try for perfect lines without hitting the studs (had I thought of the white before, I'd have waited on the studs), but I actually like this look, especially IRL.

It's protected by two coats of KBShimmer Clearly On Top.

Mint apple blossoms!

I really need more mint polishes! I think this is the only true mint I have, and that's a shame. At the very least one needs a creme version... and a lighter one... and maybe a metallic...

Hope you liked these! See you next time! xoxo

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