20 July 2014

Woven Gravity

Well, I don't think I will ever do nails cooler than the last ones, so I didn't even try, and opted for something simple today. Simple but pretty!

Last week, I was round at a friend's place, and her daughter showed me this app on her phone--a nail-painting simulation app! It's called Nail Makeover and it's aimed at kids, but I had to try it and see what it was all about. The colours and embellishment options are limited, but it's a cool way to explore nail art ideas in a different way, leading to different looks. I came up with this idea while doodling on it!

The base is a coat of piCture pOlish Gravity over a plain black creme. Stunning multichrome with irregular scattered holo particles--outer space in a bottle! I have a Sally Hansen nail art pen in silver, and used it to draw one loopy line starting at one end, going back and forth, other the whole nail. It's hard to explain, so I made a diagram:

the red dot is the starting point, and the arrows show the direction I drew...

I think the final pattern looks a bit like a weave :D and because the base is always shifting, sometimes it is very obvious and sometimes you hardly see it at all. Really cool! I topped off this mani with INM Out The Door.

Indoors with flash
Outdoors in shade

More shade--look how shiny!

In sun. Gravity never looks the same twice :D

And just for funsies, I cranked up the saturation to max on one of the shade pics. Look at the colour!!

I hope you enjoyed these! Do you have any cool limited-edition polishes like this? If so, do you wear it, or just admire it and preserve it? xoxo

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