05 August 2014

Skittle with Cult Nails: It's A New Day Collection

Hello my dears!

Back in April, I pre-ordered the It's A New Day collection from Cult Nails. It's a beautiful spring-themed set of three creme/jelly polishes, plus a special stamping plate co-designed with Marta from ChitChatNails. How cool is that? Marta is the reason I know of Cult Nails, and I know I'm not the only one! Her love for this brand has created lots of new Culties, so I think it's only fitting she got to collaborate with Maria on this.

Why am I only just reviewing these? Well, long story. Basically I had the polishes shipped to my best friend in the US, because it was much cheaper, and he was sending a box here to Australia for my birthday anyway, so we decided he could just pop this in as well. But he got really sick and was in the hospital and wasn't able to send me the package for a while. It finally arrived the other day, just in time for spring down under! (And he's doing just fine now--way better news!) Thank you, Jeff :)

Anyway, without further ado, my It's A New Day manicure:

The first of the three shades is the collection's flagship polish, this lovely creamy lemon-yellow called New Day. I absolutely love it. Unlike most yellow polishes, it's opaque in two easy, buttery coats, and it's such a pretty colour. The others I have are a warmer sunshine yellow, which is very pretty, but this is different! It's the colour of the lemon creme in those delicious biscuits (I had lemon creme Girl Scout Cookies a few times--it's just like that)! B-E-A-yootiful.

Next up is Evolution, the peach. It's ever-so-slightly more warm/pink toned in real life, but still very much a peach. Like New Day, it was opaque in two coats. It's wonderfully flattering on my skin tone! I've never owned a peach polish before, and I'm really glad to have this one.

Last, the pink creme called Falling Hard. The formula on this one is a little different. It's more opaque, needing only one coat for opacity. The others have a more squishy, jellylike feel, whereas this is a true creme.

Indoors with flash

I created a gradient with these three on the ring finger, and used the stamping plate that came with the collection to accent the skittle. Argyle over the gradient, and the rose pattern for the thumb. (The dots aren't part of the stamp--I just added those to fill the space.) The stamping was done with Konad special polish. In white. Obviously.

Also indoors with flash
Outdoors in shade

More shade

Outdoors in sun...

And last, a random shadowy shot I happened to like :)

The more observant among you will have noticed how short my nails are now! I broke one pretty badly, and had it patched up for a while, but eventually had to take it off. Bit the bullet and trimmed them all down. I know these aren't short by most folks' standards, but they feel so stumpy to me! I keep staring at my hands thinking they look incredibly weird. It's been a while since one broke.

Anyway, thanks for reading today! And a very late congrats to Marta, if she ends up reading this. I know I said it on your blog, but I can only imagine what a huge honour it is to work with a brand you love so much :D Well done to Maria, too. The polishes are beautiful and the plate images are too.

See you all soon for more! Another part of my birthday package was some yummy Zoyas... xoxo

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