09 August 2014

Purple Zoya Swirl

Good day :)

As I hinted at in my last post, I got some new Zoya polishes in my late-birthday package! Two of them are purple, and I thought they'd be so nice together, I did a swirly-marble mani with them:

These two grapey goodies are Hudson and Belinda. Hudson is the light, glassflecky, shimmery lavender. It needs two coats for opacity, although I used three just to be sure I wouldn't have any VNL in my photos. You can see her alone on the small finger :)

Belinda, of course, is the dark purple. This one's a beauty! The shimmer is warm, almost reddish, and can sparkle with other colours like pink and blue in sunshine. She only needs one coat, but I used two here on my index finger.

For the other two nails, I started with a base of one shade, then added drops of the other while the base was still wet. With a small detail brush, I swirled the colours around to create this pretty marbled look (I learned from the best!). After that all dried, I topcoated with INM Out The Door.

(These shades are both in that category of do-not-like-photographing-well, appearing more blue-toned than they are in real life. I did some colour-correcting in these photos to make them look more like they really do. Imagine it just a tiny bit warmer and they're spot on.)

Indoors with flash
Outdoors in shade
Outdoors in sun

And last, a close-up of the thumb in the sun--you can really see that hint of colourful shimmer Belinda sport--and of course, Hudson's beautiful glow!

I'm really enjoying wearing these. It's such a simple look to create, and yet is elegant and always unique. I hope you like this one too. See you next time for more! xoxo


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