13 September 2014

#31DC2014 - Day 13 - ANIMAL PRINT

Howdy! Day 13 of the challenge is animal print! I thought and thought about doing something clever and unique, but I ended up falling back on my old favourite--leopard :)

Outdoors in sun

The base is Orly After Party, a fantastic navy/midnight blue shimmer. The irregular, micro-glassflecky shimmer is mostly the same shade of blue, but also has pink and silvery bits (although they didn't show up in these photos... shame, as it's really a beautiful and unique polish), so it was easy to choose the complimenting colours for the print :D I used Orly Miss Conduct (holo pink sparkle) and China Glaze Icicle (silver foil) as well as a small dotting tool to create my leopard spots.

Topped with KBShimmer Clearly On Top.

Kind of a bright photo, but, with the Orly bottles.

Another indoors with flash

These are interesting, because at a distance, the spots almost look like a small floral print. I think it's mostly the colour scheme that does it. I'm still wearing this on my right hand, even as I'm prepping the left for tomorrow's design :D See you soon for that one! xoxo

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