14 September 2014

#31DC2014 - Day 14 - FLOWERS

Hey hey! 14 days in, and it's flower day! I've already done flowers twice in this challenge... oh well, here we go again! :) This time I have little blue cornflowers!

Indoors with flash... and some water droplets, for extra pretty.

More one-stroke flowers! I've done this once before, and really need to more often. It's such an easy and beautiful technique.

The base is two coats of Color Club Cosmic Fate, the mangoey-orange Halo Hue. Soooo gorgeous :D I used blue and blue-mixed-with-white acrylic paints to create my little cornflowers, then plopped a matching blue rhinestone in the middle of each flower. I really love the finished look. Plus, I thought the gems would pop off with very little provocation, seeing how they are kind of "tall", but they all stayed on through a full day of work today. Fabulous! I'll blame the two coats of Seche Vite I put over them.

Outdoors in sun. A bit late in the day, so please excuse the warmth of the colours.

I was inspired by the pattern on my Born Pretty Store buffing block for this design. I almost didn't take a photo with it, because it's all used and scratchy and such. But I think it's important to show the inspiration for these things, so...

If only I'd added some mint coloured leaves...

So, there's my flower nails for day 14. Two weeks in! Join me tomorrow for some pretty delicate print nails :) xoxo

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